Question about Bald Eagle Mating Behavior in Arkansas

Hi - I’m new to this forum, so I hope a question about bird behavior is OK in the Nature Talk category.

The short version of the question - Is it too late in AR for a pair of bald eagles to be mating?

We are located in Arkansas and saw a pair of Bald Eagles this morning together on a tree branch in what appeared to me as the mating activity. Since it’s March 21, I thought it was too late in the year for them to be producing another brood. Over the past few months, we’ve observed the eagles on a nest which is within a half mile of where we observe the eagle, so we are assuming the birds we see go with that nest, though we can’t observe the nest from the location we see the eagle so I can’t actually confirm that. My assumption since we’ve observed an eagle on the nest is that they already had a brood this season and I didn’t think they’d have two broods within the year.

Thanks for your responses.


This is the right place for this kind of question. :slight_smile: Welcome!

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Welcome to the iNat forum! Congratulations on your first post! I don’t know about your question though. Good luck! :-)

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