Question about Cultivated Species

I am a newbie here so I apologize in advance if this question is kinda silly. I have documented many nonnative species and been labeling them as cultivated as directed by the iNaturalist site. Other people in my area are documenting the same exact species but labeling it has wild even though the species is obviously in a setting due to human intent. So are most people just forgetting to label the species as cultivated or am I missing something here?

Thank you for your help.

It depends on hiow they were planted. Non-native species that are freely reproducing are considered wild. Cultivated (at least at iNaturalist, and this is a subject of passionate debate) means the specific individual you are documenting was planted by a human being.

So if it was human planted, it should be marked as cultivated. But not all non-native species are by default cultivated.

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Welcome to the forum! Good to see your post! See also The category of “cultivated” is problematic for plants in urban landscapes and Request for better description of “cultivated/captive”. The topic at the first link is long but a worthy backgrounder on the topic. Responses by iNaturalist staff provide insight into the intent of the founders and developers of iNaturalist.

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