Question re Searching for Opt-Out of Community ID Observations

I don’t think I have any observations for which I have opted-out of community ID. Is there a way for me to search for my opt-outs in order to verify this?

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Now I have put one of my observations in opt-out status, because I don’t think that it will ever get fixed with the label caused by a person identifying the wrong organism. I don’t know how I will ever find these types of observations again to undo the opt-out later when it’s been fixed. (I know I could have done a better job of cropping, but it’s too late now, and I had explained in the Description when I posted which organism I was interested in.)

I also have someone now making an identification on another of my observations, where the taxon change has not been made by iNat. So I am going to opt-out on that one as well. Again, I would like to be able to find this observation later to undo the opt-out.

Is there currently a way to search for one’s opt-outs? I would like to know before I make a Feature Request for that.

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