Quick overview of representative pictures of species in taxa

Is there a way to get a view of the most representative pictures of each species of lower tree of life for the given life stage?
I’d like for instance, when I select a genus/family, get 2-3 picts each for every lower level species .

This because when you are trying to match a picture and want to have a visual overview to restrict search , “view more pictures” does not help much when a lower specie has hundreds of pics (and some instead have just a few, due to misidentifications or rarity, Experienced this working on Araniella, where most of green Araniellas are IDed as cucurbitina, just because of the color [and maybe suggestions])

Yes, I would like to know that, if there is already a way. Now it is the same as on Google: lots of pictures of the same species with some others mixed in and no way of creating a bit of order in it.
It would be a great help in identifying your plant / animal / …


Do you use the Suggestions tab in the Identify modal? It’s not by life stage, but usually a few photos for each species – and you can add more photos from the taxon page.

Also accessible from the Compare button on an observation page.

yes, I use Suggestions in the field and usually I just confirm the genus. Get to species level on desktop after doing some research on species features/documentation only.
Reason Suggestions is not covering my requirement is for instance there there is no pic of Araniella opisthographa, which should represent an estimate of about 1/5th of the population cuc+opi and in some cases can be told apart from cucurbitina. AI is always suggesting cucurbitina because all of the ID converge to that (because of frequency I guess) if you do not observe subtle features AI cannot catch (ventral bristles on femur I in males, 5th spot pair on tip of opisthosome in females or shape or the epigyne, …).
Same for rarer ones like A. inconspicua, proxima etc.
This is causing a convergence to wrong IDs, hence the need of a plain overview.

Sorry, I’m not sure what you mean by this, I see them listed

Well, In any case, I’d like a place where I am certain of browsing all the pictures of all species below, even at levels higher than genus - Suggestions does not give me that confidence/cover that.

I use the photo browser for this, e.g. https://www.inaturalist.org/taxa/81985-Araniella/browse_photos?quality_grade=research&grouping=taxon_id

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Yes! This is what I meant!

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