Quick Question: Is there a project that only comprises "active" nests?

I know this could be a quick search on iNat, which it is I did check but there’s over 258 results with “nest” in the name/description. Anyway, does anyone know of a particular project that only comprises active nests during the season of nesting? So in short any project that has observations only with nests that have eggs/young in it. Thanks.

Hey, the lab I’m part of did a lot of reasech in the breeding season. On my MsC project I’ve to observe the parental care of a Thamnophilidae, so it’s necessary to have an active nest with eggs and if we’re luck (and them too lol) with young.
But why are you interesting? Maybe I can help you more. (:

Welcome to the fourm @tainaguedes! I thought it would be great to start a global project that only has observations for active nests. The reason why I believe this project is better than just a normal nest project is because those other projects will do any evidence of nesting such as ruined nests, out of breeding season nest observations and eggshells. If there is no project like that, I’m starting it.

A bird photo sharing FB group that I follow has a “no nest” policy. The group admins will take down any nest photos posted. Taking photos of nests may disturb the birds and expose the nest to predators. They want to discourage the practice.

There is only threats if you don’t know how to do it right. I would recommend reading this and if I were to create the project, I would ensure all members read it through before posting. And in my 3 years of finding nests, I’ve noticed that the most efficient way to collect nest data with minimum disturbance is to take a photo because I can just snap and go. A photo will accurately give me an egg/young count plus any other information that could take a significant amount of time in the field.

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Why not just do this work through NestWatch? They don’t post detailed locations or photos that will encourage random nest disturbance by the general public. We can’t get people to mark potted plants as “not wild” and you think they’re going read and follow the NestWatch protocol? They’re going to see photos of cute baby birds and give it a try. Best of luck.

Because there’s already a ton of photos already on iNat consisting of nests and probably most of those people do not use NestWatch. As for me, I obscure all my nest sightings because anyone with common sense would realize that too much publicity to the nest is dangerous. There’s a reason there’s a Rules and Terms on projects and I intend to ensure that every member understands and follows that.

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