Quick Video on How to Submit Obs

This has probably been done before, but I have a friend who’s a little on the… more experienced side of life, and he hasn’t become an active user on iNat because he doesn’t really understand the process of submitting observations, particularly revolving around how to map your reports. I created this video and posted it to Youtube to see if it will help him, but now that I’m thinking about it, it wouldn’t be all that harmful to post this video on the forum. So here’s the link:

iNaturalist Tutorial – Submitting Observations - YouTube


Thanks, @birdwhisperer. I wasn’t able to get a sound track on the video (being one of those “more experienced” types). Is there one? I wonder if your friend’s stumbling block may be that they just can’t orient to a map and find something on it. I know a number of older folks who managed to get through life with very little reference to maps (seems impossible now), and maps don’t speak to them at all. Your friend could still just type in “Carter County, TN” and the submissions would still have some value. Thanks for working to increase participation in iNaturalist.

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Nope, it has no audio.