Range map for Picea breweriana

I notice iNat shows P. breweriana range map as including eastern Canada and some New England states, but it’s native range is limited to the west coast.


iNat doesn’t have a range map for P. breweriana, that page is displaying the Checklist places. A range map would display in pink and have a separate legend listing, like the second screenshot here.

Range maps are imported from external sources, often IUCN, and aren’t available for most plants. Checklist places originate within iNat and can be based on observations or can be manually changed. If a Checklist place has been set to Introduced, the outline of that place is dashed lines instead of solid.

Anyone can edit the Establishment Means.

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Locations show up in green when a research grade observation occurs there. (Or maybe they are Places, I am never sure which is which). Computer Vision helpfully provided a suggestion of Picea breweriana in Ontario (https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/62438553), which another person confirmed also apparently based on a Computer Vision suggestion. And voila! The range of P. breweriana has been extended into eastern Canada.


Thank you. That helps.

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