Eurasian-Collared-Dove listed as native to Puerto Rico

This is the first taxon error I have come across. Is any curator able to fix it?

I did mark it as introduced in PR now (you don’t need to be a curator) but it still says “Native in North America”. Not sure if that’s an error entirely or whether it is native anywhere in North America, also not sure why that overrides Introduced in Puerto Rico, unless that’s just an indexing issue and it hasn’t been updated yet.

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It’s not native to North America. From HBW online: “Introduced birds have resulted in the progressive colonization of the USA, S Canada and parts of Middle America and the Caribbean. Initial introduction was to Bahamas in 1974 (due to a pet shop being burgled), from where birds colonized SE Florida in late 1970s or early 1980s, and Cuba in late 1980s (but was only recorded on adjacent Hispaniola in 2007). North American birds were long confined to Florida but since the 1990s they progressively colonized most of contiguous USA, S & SW Canada and parts of Mexico, where expansion is ongoing, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Belize. As elsewhere, spread of this commensal species through the continental USA has followed man-altered landscapes, dispersal along coastlines also being prominent”


Seems like it’s now marked introduced on that same search, at least :)

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If you notice incorrect info related to a specific species or other taxon in the future, please use the flags system rather than the forum (go to taxon page, click Curation, then Flag for Curation).

But note that anyone can add to place checklists in order to mark taxa as present or absent as well as native, endemic, or introduced to certain places.

To change an existing listing go to the taxon page:
-Click the “Status” tab
-Under “Establishment Means”, click “View” next to the place
-Click the edit button next to “Establishment Means”, make your changes, and click Save

To add a new listing, in the main header search:
-Search for the place of interest, e.g. the state, country, or other place you are interested in, then click “About”
-Lefthand side (scroll down)>View check list page
-Search for taxon where it says “Type taxon name”
-If not on list, “Add to list” and add taxon to list
-Once on list, click “Edit” next to the taxon
-Click the edit button next to “Establishment Means”, make your changes, and click Save


Sorry, I am new to this!


It is fixed now. Thank you!