Range update for Odorrana and Nidirana (amphibia) in Zhenjiang (China)

Hello @Loarie here is the post showing how the ranges should be split:

  • Nidirana adenopleura (flag here):

Recommendation based on this paper.

This should be correct for the species listed on the map, to be carved from N adenopleura. My drawing does not include the species further west as I don’t know them and I wouldn’t be able to reliably draw their ranges, but see the screenshot of the map from the paper I referenced above for more info:

  • Odorrana schmackeri (flag here):

Recommendation based on this paper. The paper actually provides range boudaries, so it’s better than me hand drawing some approximate ranges:

I made a mistake that @jianwang noticed, N mangveni and N adenopleura are sympatric in a specific area, here is the corrected version:

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