Real-time Computer Vision predictions in Seek by iNaturalist 2.0

I think the latest version of Seek has iNat upload capability, due to high demand. I think it’s not ideal though, because there is no GPS location picked up by Seek app, so you have to place location pins manually. Search "Seek: in the forum to find the topic about the change to Seek to allow iNat uploads… it describes how to set it up as well

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@tiwane Any chance in one of the next updates a focus function will be implemented in the camera mode? I continuously fail to capture insects sitting on a plant, because the focus in on the background.

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We are working on both pinch-to-zoom and tap-to-focus. Looking pretty good in beta.


some weeks ago I saw that tap-to-focus is already implemented in the iPhone app. Will there be an Android update as well soon?

We’re working on it. Apparently it’s much tougher to implement on Android.


Just a quick feedback: I see that a new Android update (Edit: Seek version 2.3.3 on Android 9 Pie) has been released, including the option to flag wrong IDs and a ‘tap-to-focus’ feature. However, I could not see an improvement in getting stuff into focus, all it does is getting blurry upon tapping and re-focussing on the background (tested it in different environments).

For the flagging - it would be great to label wrong IDs which are already in my Poké Ball …- ahem… I mean stored under my observations, i.e. after ‘collecting’ them. In the field, a substantial purpose of using Seek is to have unknown objects identified. How is then one to decide whether the ID is trustworthy?

Lastly, I saw that for observations w/o vernacular names, the scientific name is converted and capitalized (that false-IDed Chinese moth is still in my observations…:roll_eyes:). That wasn’t the case in the previous version (see here:

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Thank you for the feedback. Probably best to convert the first and third issues into bug reports so they don’t get lost here. The second issue is something we’re working on. Please include which version of Seek you’re using.

A review about some nature apps, e.g Seek.

Surprised, cause I should expect more attention for iNaturalist app.