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I’ve been using the Seek app for the past few weeks with my son to identify plants and animals. We’ve been loving it!

I also recently signed up for iNaturalist and want to upload all my content from seek (photos, observations, badges) to the iNaturalist website.

Does anyone know how to do that?

Thanks for your help in advance.


I Think you only can upload them without seek now…
I use both apps, too.
And as I added Inat I had the same problem.
As far as I know, you always have to upload the observation Immediately from SEEK to inat.
Otherwise you will have to do it manual.
It is a bit sad, as it always happens that SEEK is still uploading and you see something, which you rather would scan then just taking a picture and try that with SEEK later …
But as far as I know, that is the only way.
But still … I love SEEK:D


This topic explains getting observations from Seek onto the iNaturalist site:

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Here’s a topic about a new feature for having Seek automatically take a photo when it comes up with a species ID:


If SEEK is uploading an observation, you can’t scan the next one, so in that case taking the picture automatically won’t help.
But still this button is a good idea. I have seen it, but haven’t tested it yet.
Should do probably.


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