Recording an interaction between ants and aphids

I have entered observations for ants tending aphids

Is there a way in Inaturalist to record the interaction between the two? I have added a couple of fields to link the two observations, but I am not sure these are the correct fields I should be using.

Thanks heaps in advance for any advice you may be able to give!

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iNat doesn’t have any built-in way to record interactions between species - so what you’ve done with fields seems fine.

I usually use comments, fields also work

I don’t seem to be able to view those links because they are on the NZ version of the site, but there are a few ideas for how to record interactions here and here.

That shouldn’t prevent viewing by those logged in to other site portals. At least from the non-localized portal (, I can see them fine.

Thanks @jdmore. It seems to be a browser issue. I get a blank page with the iNat NZ header in Firefox 68.0.1, but it works fine in Safari.

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