Reducing Sightings to QuestaGame Group Account and Update on Sync Account System

Hey Everyone,

In a previous post I mentioned changes that were happening with the QuestaGame-iNaturalist integration.

Here’s a quick update on that:

  1. Changes to the QG “Group Account”

  2. Changes to the “Sync Account” on QG

#1 iNaturalist has requested QG to reduce activity on the QuestaGame group account - even stop it completely (but not delete it). Based on this request, we’ve now implemented a way to slow it down with the aim of phasing it out entirely.

You should start to see a reduction in submissions over the next several days.

While we still believe tagging and allowing “Group Accounts” (removing them from iNat leaderboards etc) could benefit iNat’s mission, we’re also committed to working with iNaturalist staff in a way that’s appropriate for its community.

Going forward, we’re keen to explore solutions that allow experts to ID sightings without having to log in to multiple systems. This has been one of our goals.

#2 The changes to our “sync account” flow using AuthO have proven trickier than we expected, as it forces the app to engage in a special browser session (which raises issues for QG’s own security requirements); hence the delay. While AuthO is generally the preferred solution - and something we’re keen to implement asap - we can assure any users that passwords through the current system are encrypted and not visible to QuestaGame.



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