Regarding donating to inat occasionaly

Since festivals are coming, I was think of donating the money to inat that I saved for a year!!!, but I was thinking how to donate money to Inat occasionaly, and I am successful in collecting 500 ruppee(6.67 dollar), so here I have 2 questions
Q1 Can I donate money to inat occasionaly(not like mothly supporter)
Q2 Can the above amount of money can be good for donation, or should I donate in round figure?


Hi there!

Of course, if you wish to give back something to iNat you are welcome and we appreciate it :)

It is possible to give once, rather than monthly.

I don’t know further details, but Carrie Seltzer works with donations for iNat and should be able to answer your technical questions.


You can donate any amount at any time. I often change the amount I donate and do so somewhat randomly. Just choose a one time donation and the amount.


Thank you all

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It is cheaper to donate large sums at once…so occasionally

Thanks to everyone else who chimed in here! Just to officially clarify, yes, you can give one-time donations at any time, in any amount, in any of 40 currencies, as long as the converted amount is at least US$5. Thanks, for asking @abhijatshakya.


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