ReIntroduction? hi

sorry for my hiatus

Uhhhhh welll…

my name is Grace, but I also go by Void and Gracie.
I’m under 18, and my pronouns are She/they/he
I’m also otherkin, feel free to read my journal post about it.
I am a maladaptive daydreamer, and…
I’m plural!
we are a Quoigenic system of 7, as two new members formed while I was away. my Tulpas do front, but none of them are interested in nature so you won’t be seeing them on here :)

I’m interested in birds, insects, and reptiles, and I like collecting feathers and sketching!

feel free to message me or chat in the comments! :sunflower:

So glad to be back!!!

~Grace :sparkles:


Welcome back! Your journal post was interesting - it introduced me to some new concepts - I know in the post you say that otherkin is not a religious thing, but you also mention being divinekin - is that grandiosity or identification with fictional divine beings? I’m sorry if my questions come off as ignorant, I’m 20 and although I have heard of otherkin I’m not in the community but would like to learn more. I also like sketching wildlife, (my profile picture is a fly I drew) so you might find a bit of an artistic community here on some of the other threads. You might also like participating on this thread on the forum:
I’m not sure if there are other plural people on here but I was able to find people I could relate to as an autistic person, and having a sense of community makes using iNaturalist more fun in my opinion

I’ve heard of some identites that do involve religion, like Angelkin, Demonkin, etc, and I personally identify as a creature that was very powerful, though probably not worshipped

lol Grace has posted many times on that topic:

bro u just called me out-

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Hi there. We prefer each topic has a specific, nature- or iNat- related theme, so I’m not sure this thread is really in spirit with the intended purpose of the Forum.


I could talk about nature if you’d like?

or i’ll just log off the forum again.
I’ll do that.

Hi Grace, my name is Mariah and I am 15. I like your name its really cute, also do you think the staff would get upset if I made a thread about asking when people think the forum posters/ activity gets active or dies down?

haha, I can tell you exactly when there is higher and lower activity. why are you curious?

edit: not just because I basically live in the forum, but because there is data accessible to mods


Im just wondering since I mainly visit while Im at school. Sometimes they seem really active and sometimes they just feel dead. So I was curious, maybe its since its early or most active people arent in my timezone?

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we don’t have hour by hour, but my impression is that the forum is more active when the Americans are awake, and relatively quiet on Saturdays. here, have some data:


Omg thats so cool! thanks for the help on my curiosity


Hello, welcome back!

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