Reminder to check your Casual observations!

Hello everyone,
Just a reminder to go through now and then and check your “casual” observations - I found I had a bunch of stuff that other users and/or the automatic iNat system, had marked as cultivated when they were not. I caught a couple of my old observations that were somehow missing locations or dates as well.

If you document a lot of feral/invasive organisms, as I do, it’s especially useful to check periodically as they frequently get mistakenly marked as cultivated. (replace with your user name)


Just checked them. I’ve uploaded more cultivated plants than I thought. But a few were marked “not wild” incorrectly. Understandable why people would mark some of the garden escapes that way, but frustrating when I left notes about their origin.


Thank you for the link, iNat just lost some my pictures out of nowhere even thought they were uploaded (and stayed there for some time for sure).


I know, I have a lot of observations I think I’ve quite clearly described are not cultivated, and yet they still get marked cultivated anyway. Sigh. It’s particularly annoying when I’m trying to document potential new invasives spreading into the wild.

Feel free to tag me anytime you need an extra “organism is wild” vote on one of yours though.


Thanks - mine really are ‘planted in my garden’

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So you don’t get notified if someone changes your observation? That really is not acceptable.

New notification system is on its way.

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And has apparently been “on its way” since 2019… I don’t trust that it will be released within any reasonable time frame.


Well, it’s not an easy task and it just was started back then, it depends on what you call reasonable.


I feel silly asking, but how do I change an obs that someone marked casual if I don’t think it is casual? Ie:

Thanks! :)

Oops, figured it out. Had to scroll allllll the way to the bottom of the page and upvote “organism is wild.” Thanks!

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I really don’t like how this option:

Based on the evidence, can the Community Taxon still be confirmed or improved?

Marks my observation as Casual.

It is a single vote, and you can vote against it.


Thank you! I found a few and fixed them.

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Thanks so much for the heads up. I checked mine and found I had inadvertently ticked Captured/Cultivated 8 times when I was going through at lightning speed to add multiple sightings to a Project. Funnily, many of them were Tinadae - and perhaps I do occasionally capture a closet moth and it breeds in my clothes! :)


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