Removing tags in mass

Is there a way to remove ALL tags from all my observations in mass? These tags where created in a previous platform, and carried over to INat.
The only way I know is to open each obs and then deleting the tag. And this will take a looooong time.

I know it does not affect my obs at all, but these tags are redundant and I would like to clean up.

Hm, not that I know of. But you can use the batch edit tool to at least edit several observations on one page rather than going to the “edit observation” page on each one separately). Upper right>Edit observations>Batch edit.

As I understand it Shauns, currently there is no way to batch delete from your obs all instances of a particular tag. I requested it on the google forum. As you say, it would be useful if one could. See:

Thank you

Hopefully one day

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