Request for help learning to query API


Dear iNat Forum Community,

I would greatly appreciate it if someone was willing to dedicated a little time toward helping me query the API and embed iNat data into another website. I have a solid background in html and css, but struggle with javascript. It would be even more amazing if someone wanted to lead a workshop for other users as well.

Please let me know if you’re willing. I would be happy to set up a Zoom meeting or equivalent.

Thank you



I’d be more than happy to help you out. Drop me a message and we can sort out a time.


I’d be happy to discuss. As for a place to meet online, you’re welcome to use my Discord server for Dronefly Discord bot development at

One advantage to meeting on Discord over Zoom is the ability to bridge timezones better through its use of text channels supplemented by voice and video chat (i.e. conversations don’t always have to be in real time).

Dronefly is written in python, so I haven’t worked with the API in javascript, though I’m familiar with the language from my dayjob.

if you all do a video session, please record it so that it can be shared.

in the new year, i had thought about writing up some text/code + screenshot outlines for a series of how-to videos for using the API ( in advance of doing videos, but if you all can jump right to video, that would be useful, too.

also, i wanted to point out that there is (i don’t use it myself, but it might be useful for some.)


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