Request to list Lilium x pseudograyi

I’ve noticed that iNaturalist converts identifications of Lilium x pseudograyi to Lilium grayi. This makes it impossible to differentiate between grayi and pseudograyi. There is strong evidence for the hybrid and it has significant implications for the conservation of the L. grayi.

ITIS has accepted it:

As has BONAP:

It is also described in the Flora of North America.

If a curator could add this taxon to the list or database then folks could start using it and we would have a better idea where pseudograyi occurs vs. grayi.

Thanks for considering.

Chris Ulrey, Ph.D.
Plant Ecologist, Blue Ridge Parkway, National Park Service

Welcome to the forum!
The best place for this kind of discussion is on a flag on a taxon. I’ve created a flag and copied your text, please feel free to continue there:

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