Requesting location data on "vulnerable" species

Is there any way we can request location (lat, long) and specific dates of “vulnerable” species observations from iNat curators/staff or do we need to individually ask each user that has posted an observation of that species?

For countries that don’t have own domain it’s not possible, if you think species locations shouldn’t be hidden you can add a flag to it, but for now you need to contact users about that information.

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Please see this FAQ:


Nice, thank you both. I remembered seeing that linked question somewhere, but couldn’t find it.

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Curators don’t have access to the data, so you can’t ask them.


I’m getting old enough to realize that I won’t always be here to respond to requests. I truly want my observations to be available to relevant government agencies and legitimate researchers – even when I can’t supply the information. How does/can iNaturalist make that information available? “Ask the observer” won’t work for me forever!


You can “trust” certain folks with obscured data so they can always see yours, but of course that isn’t helpful unless you already know who to trust. I messaged a couple dozen observers and was able to get the data I needed for my research.


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