Restarting donations-- transaction fee?

Previously when signing up to donate, there was a box you could click that adjusted the amount you donated to (Selection + Transaction fee), so if you picked $5 a month it adjusted to $5.67; currently there’s no option for that, so is the transaction fee actually removed or is there just not an option to automatically add that to your donation anymore?

Just curious so I can adjust mine appropriately; it would be nice to get a flat $X.00 ringing up on my bank account just so I can tell without looking what the charge is for, but if there still is a transaction fee, I would prioritize covering that instead.



Hi @artemesia, you should still see the option to cover fees on the third step of the process (after you select a payment method). It’s on the same page that prompts you to agree to the iNat Privacy Policy and Terms of Use (which you must check before completing the donation). Thanks for your generosity!

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