Reuploading someone elses observation

i was wondering if it is allowed to repost someone elses obsevation if they use a Creative Commons license. The background: Sometimes when i ID observations i find very rare species in the background that have very few observations so far or that have not been observed in the region. Usually i ask the observer to upload a copy for the second species. But sometimes the observer doesnt respond or hasnt been online in years. Would it be ok in that case to crop te photo to the wanted plant and reupload it with a new ID (assuming its a CC observation or similar and you stick to the terms, gice credit, etc)?

Even if that is legal, it doesn’t follow the iNat policy of observations representing users’ personal interactions with nature. You could always try overriding the ID, although that isn’t always great if it’s not what the user was intending. I’m also guessing that if users are inactive, they probably didn’t get around to changing their license to CC.


As said, you can’t post observations of things you haven’t seen yourself.


You’re kind of out of luck in this situation. The only thing you can do under iNat guidelines is try to change the ID to the rare plant, but of course that isn’t ideal because it goes against the observer’s intention. I personally think attempting to override the ID would be fine, since an observation of a rare plant is more scientifically useful than one of a common one, but others may disagree. Uploading the photo as your own observation would not be acceptable, although I see the appeal.

I’d override the ID to the rare one, explaining what you’re doing in a comment. If the observer returns later the ID issue could be discussed, e.g. changed back if a new observation is created for the rare species.

First, I’d try to get the ID changed. Write a comment explaining the problem. Tag or message others who may help. Deal with the observer if the/she comes back.

Only if this fails should you even consider uploading the observation again, and if you do be careful to credit the observer who originally posted it, as a note.

I strongly disagree. If it was my observation, I would consider it akin to vandalism if someone knowingly IDed a different organism than the one I intended.


Agree, if user added initial id, then iders shouldn’t reid it just because there’s something else on the photo.

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