Reword DQA “Evidence related to a single subject” to "A single taxon is consistent in all evidence"

You need to push for an iNat guideline for habitat shots. It is a broad issue.
We have a (clunky) workaround with a project -

  • for landscape photos deliberately intended to show the vegetation type, not what iNat wants. But. WHICH plant?!

Sorry, I can’t find it now, but - as someone said - I don’t get cross with my house key because it doesn’t open the car door.

iNat clearly has to work on - DQA for - is that badger in ALL the photos?
I would like to annotate individual photos

  • flower
  • fruit
  • leaves
  • bark
  • wide view
  • habitat intended, thank you
  • oops - pollinator - needs its own obs

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