Russia is now the third largest contributor of GBIF-mediated data for vascular plants (iNat dataset)

Hi all,

After the update of iNat-dataset in GBIF (7 Apr 2020) Russia become the third largest contributor to GBIF-mediated data from iNaturalist on vascular plants. Total number of GBIF-records from Russian plant hunters on iNaturalist is quite low (230,049 observations), but our achievement is a good sign of rapid community envolvement across the nation.

I would like to thank the Russian plant community for activity of observers and experts, and especially for the active use of free licenses. For instance, 239,421 observations out of 274,161 (87.3%) with research-grade in “Flora of Russia” project are submitted under free licences (CC0, CC BY, or CC BY-NC).

Another noteworthy feature of the Russian botanical community here on iNat is the level of research-grade observations, which is 90.2% at the moment.

As many other nations across the globe we are currently stuck at home due to lockdown of the major cities. So, I think that the current rise is a result of the activity of large archives’ holders.


Great effort getting so many to RG - in Australia we are sitting at less than half. :(

So our NZ friends have dropped down in the list (but punching above their population weight as usual).


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