Same observation (organism) and two different observers

Probably asked before but couldn’t find the topic.
So, these two person
photographed this amazing darwin frog, who is the same individual (shows same marks, as the same date and hour.
My question is, if possible to related these two? if so, how can/we do it?

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Since iNat isn’t designed to quantify abundance well, I don’t think there’s a need to relate the two. Presumably the two users were on a trip together and both recorded it, which is fine. Remember an observation records an interaction between an individual and an organism.


There was a thread somewhere on how to link observations when you are raising, say a caterpillar into adulthood. I cannot find it at this moment, but the gist was to link the different stages of the caterpillar’s life via the observation and add it as a tag and/or observation field.


But it does require a teeny bit of manual labor though.

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It is acceptable to have two observations of the same organism by two different observers. iNat observations are of “organism in a place at a time by an observer”, so a different observer makes it a different observation :)

You can link with the “Similar observation set” field, or alternatively use the “Observation group” field. For both of them you give them a unique value, and it could be text based eg “Darwin Frog at Chiloé”, although that might not be specific enough. The easiest way to get a unique value is to use the observation number (copy it from the end of the URL in the browser!). Then once you have it set on both observations, you can left click the field name and select “All with this field and value” to see a search page with just those observations.

[edit]: @robotpie that tag idea is pretty cool… do you find it works pretty much the same way as the “Similar observation set” does? Oh wait, I remember now, only the observer can put those on!


I have a feeling I might have done the tag thing via a misunderstanding of the details in the thread you posted about linking observations. The thread I mentioned in my previous post was excatly the one you linked.

One thing I can immediately see is that if I click on the tag I can immediately see the other observations that contain that tag ID but I’m not sure how I can see that via the “similar observation set” feature. But yes only the observers can add the tag, I just noticed that, but other users can still contribute to the Observation Fields.

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Try left-click, I got it wrong with the right-click mentioned above!

Once you left-click the field name, it comes up with a balloon in which you can click the “View all with…” as mentioned above, or you can right-click that “View all with…” option and then choose “copy link address” so that you can paste it elsewhere.

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Individuals of very charismatic species (like Cypripedium sp.) located near popular trails are uploaded many times by different observers. It can be interesting to see a photographic record of how the plant ages through days/weeks/months.


I think even the difference of 2 minutes is immaterial here since the animal had moved, had been photographed with a different photographing equipment, in a different posture, and helps appreciate the animal’s uniqueness.

animal had not moved, it is just from a different angle (nearly 180deg). If this was from the same observer I would be recommending to put them as a single observation. The phrase I often use is “different views of the same thing”.

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