San Diego North County naturalists?

Hello folks,

Do you live in or visit San Diego North County a lot? If so, maybe I can go out iNatting with you in September?

On Sept 12th I will be arriving in Encinitas, North County, for 16 nights, staying at the Moonlight Beach Motel, near Moonlight Beach. This time we won’t have a car, but I intend to use the 101 bus a lot and also taxis whenever needed.

Although I am British and I live in New York City, I do know the nature of the San Diego area somewhat well, as we have been coming for short visits almost every year since, well, since the 1980s for sure, and almost every year since 1970, when I lived in La Jolla and Pacific Beach for 14 months.

I would be happy to meet up with other iNatters in the area to go out iNatting, if anyone can do that.

So please let me know if that sounds like a possibility to you.



A handy book for the trip may be Wildflowers of Orange County and the Santa Ana Mountains, it covers a bit more north of San Diego County, but there’s lots of overlap and it has excellent treatment of coastal plants. It fits nicely into a 1 gallon bag and isn’t too heavy.

If you’re doing any canyon hiking, top two plants to avoid physical contact with are:

Edit: Perspective from personal experience :grimacing:


Moonlight is a nice beach. I like the brightly colored pebbles.

Note: the sand isn’t fully black there, I intentionally put the pebbles on the black patches for artistic contrast.


The white ones and pink ones are quartz pebbles.

Do you live or often visit nearby? Can we go out INatting in September?

If it’s an opaque white or pink, it could be feldspar

I am re-posting this here:



I’m an hour north of Encinitas. An iNat trip sounds like great fun, although I’m not familiar enough with San Diego County to recommend anywhere in particular to go. I’ve been to Elfin Forest, and a few farther away inland parts (Palomar Mountain, Cuyamaca Rancho State Park, Anza Borrego State Park.) I’ve been meaning to get to the Torrey Pines State Reserve, but haven’t yet.

The big name in botany down there is Jon Rebman (jrebman on iNat) at the San Diego Natural History Museum. I’ve met him a few times. Other than that I haven’t had more than passing online interaction with any of the county’s observers or identifiers.

If you would like to come down and join me, we could easily go to Torrey Pines for a few hours. Or anywhere else you might think is interesting.

I might ask Jon Rebman if he has some recommendations.

I am still hoping to find someone, or more than one person, who might like to go out iNatting with me while I am staying in Encinitas from Sept 12th to Sept 28th.

If you would like to join me, or if you know someone I should contact in case they would like to go out iNatting with me, please drop me a line.

One thing I can offer is a comprehensive knowledge of the marine mollusks of the area.


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