Scolia Dubia vs Scolia Dubia Dubia

INat has Scolia dubia or Blue-winged Scoliid wasp and Scolia dubia dubia or Two-Spotted Scoliid wasp, but they have the same pictures to identify either or. My question is are they two types of Scolia Dubia wasps? If they are is there a resource to learn how to tell them apart or is this one of those unless I can dissect one I should leave the ID as a more generic?

It’s a species and main subspecies of it, there’s another one in the system.

So should I pick Scolia dubia dubia for my Blue-winged scoliid wasps?

dubia has yellow spots on abdomen, and haematodes doesn’t.


Ok thank you! That’s very helpful!!

In some areas, Scolia dubia haematodes closely resembles Triscolia ardens

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I had originally learned that the wasps I see around here were called “blue winged scoliid wasps”. Which drove me crazy… “WHY ARE WE NOT TALKING ABOUT THOSE GIANT YELLOW SPOTS.” So I was very gratified to discover that Scolia dubia dubia is a thing. NOW they have an appropriate common name. ;-)


I just wanted to say that the correct way to write scientific names is using a capital letter on the genus name, but a small letter on the species and subspecies names.

Like this:

Scolia dubia


Scolia dubia dubia


Thank you!

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Also this is not used consistently on iNat by people, but when one is typing, the scientific genus and species, and subspecies names should all be rendered in italics, like this:

Homo sapiens

And when using handwriting, all those names should be underlined instead.

Note that a small first letter is used for species and subspecies names even when the name is based on a human surname or the name of a place.


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