Search and filter identifications

Excellent! I knew there had to be something simple. I appreciate this.


most of those API parameters actually don’t work on the Identifications page. but i made something to help present the results of the API in a more human-friendly format.

it doesn’t provide an interface for inputting parameters – it relies on inputting parameters in the URL – but i figure that’s no worse than the existing Identifications page.

it was hard to decide which fields to include and how to lay them out, but i tried to provide something that gives a lot of information without too much clutter. if anyone has thoughts for how to lay things out better, i’m open to suggestions.

there were some requests that i could theoretically accommodate (ex. export, mapping, etc.), but the methods available to me to accomplish this would be super inefficient for really large record sets. so i decided against even going down that path.

i included the notes accompanying an ID as a column that is returned in the thing i noted above.

since the API doesn’t include an option to find ID taxon = Obs taxon, my thing won’t be able to filter by that, but i did include a column that tells you whether there is a match or not.