Search for observations ID'd to at least genus level and confirmed by at least individual

I’m sure this has been asked and answered, but I can’t figure out the right syntax to even search for the question/answer. I’d like to search for Missouri observations that have been identified to at least genus level. It would also be nice to know which of these observations have been confirmed by at least one individual (in addition to the observer). Which brings up another point. I don’t, as a rule, confirm identifications at the genus level unless I’m fairly certain the ID won’t go further. This often means that observations will go unconfirmed at any level for some time. I’m going on the assumption that someone with more knowledge than myself will confirm it at some point, but that may be never. Any suggestions?

I don’t remember the link for iders, but to change level of ids on obs you can go right in settings for search: highest level->genus.

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Like @fffffffff said, in Identify you can set Highest Level as Genus (and also set Lowest Level as Genus which will give you only observations at the Genus level if you don’t want species level stuff)

It’s a tough one, but if you are fairly confident that the ID can’t go further (e.g. down to species) then I’d tick the box. I forget the terminology, ‘Community ID cannot go further’? I use it sparingly, but there are definitely cases where the diagnostic species traits are impossible to tell from the photo or its a species complex, etc.

Does this help?

You may also be interested in this feature request, which could potentially allow for finding observations with confirmed IDs.

Oh, thanks. Now I feel stupid. Didn’t realize Rank was for taxonomic rank.

That would be helpful, but Missouri has surpassed the 200,000 download limit. That is actually the reason I wanted to limit the search. I thought genus level would do it, but still >200K. Then I was hoping limiting it to observations with at least one ID would limit it further.

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