Exploring all observations I've IDed to a certain species

At times when I’ve gone through a set of observations and added a species identification, when my ID differs from the original or community ID, it bumps the observation back to genus level. So how can I subsequently collect all those IDs of mine into one search? If I search for my IDs at the species level I get only those that remain at species. If I search at genus level, I get everything IDed to genus. How do I get the combined set of observations I’ve IDed to a given species, wherever they currently sit taxonomically?

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You’ll be using ident_taxon_id= and ident_user_id= together. So step one you need to find out the taxon number for the species you want, and then you’ll put it into this


This will be pretty close to what you want. It would still pull up some non-target observations, ones where someone else identified to that species and you disagreed, but it should be close enough.


not sure exactly what you’re trying to do, but sometimes, a search for identifications works better than a search for observations. below are 2 example identification searches:

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