Search for plant phenology in the attribute filter

I have a question about the use of attributes in observations. In the case of plants, I always mark the plant’s phenology, whether they are flowering or in fruit, for example. When doing a search for observations of a species now i would like to search only the observations marked as bearing fruit, but when I clicked on the search filter i couldn’t find a way to select this option. Can someone help me ?

Here’s where to find that info:

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You can go to “Identify” page, click on “filters”, “more filters”.
choose “with annotation” then “phenology”


Thank you !
I’ve never seen the filter on the Identify page, only on the Explore page of Explore.

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Another way to search for annotated observation is, from the observation page Annotation sections, click on one of the attribute labels, and there should be a little popup with links to the Explore page filtered by observations either with that attribute, or with that attribute and value.

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