How do I properly filter out annotation fields in searchs?

I’m trying to find all plants that don’t have a “plant phenology” annotation added yet. Based on the wiki it looks like adding “&without_term_id=12” to the end of the url should work, but no luck.

You should use the “identify” search engine (which, in spite of its name, is not limited to ‘Needs ID’ observations).

In the ‘Filters’ button/screen, there are many interesting options under the ‘More filters’…

Ohhh okay. Thanks! I needed the map range as well, but thankfully I’m able to copy that over from an explore search. I wonder why it doesn’t work on the explore page?

The mysteries of iNat… :)

By the way, if your geographic range is some well-known place, you can definitely add it to the ‘Identify’ search. For example:
for all the ‘Needs ID’ or ‘Research Grade’ observations of Plantae that are Without Phenology in the Monument Valley, US area


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