Search result gives null/whale shark

I knocked out a bunch of ungrafted cowrie subspecies thanks to this new page and I thought I’d try a normal iNat search to see if there were any others. I typed in Cypraea and selected View More. I clicked the tenth page and got the whale shark. There is no eleventh page so I thought the issue might have been because it was the last page but I can’t replicate it with any other searches (although I didn’t try and find any with exactly 10 pages). I know there’s 2 other taxa that I left ungrafted for the time being and I can search the above link to find them, so this doesn’t stop me from getting the results I wanted but it still seemed like a bug. Neither of the ungrafted taxa (this and this) are on any of the other 9 pages but I don’t have any trouble navigating to them any other way.

Page 9:
Page 11:
Page 10:

Clicking next from page 9 gives the same thing (it goes to the same URL so that makes sense, but sometimes those things are weird).

Might be related to:

Using Chrome on a Mac.

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