Search URL: identified by me as snake, but may still be "Life"

A couple of days agao, I found an observation then identified as a plant (not by the observer who never gave any id), but I saw a snake, and added my id accordingly. At that moment, the observation went to the CID of “Life”, I do not know what happened later. I want to retrun to it.
I tried:
but that shows only those observations which are already at CID of snakes or better.
How can I find it?

here you go:

I searched for records IDed by yourself, that have an active ID of ‘snakes’, but are currently sitting at a lowest rank of kingdom


Now that more IDs have been added, the consensus ID has changed to snake, meaning @thebeachcomber’s search no longer finds it. Here is the direct link to the observation for anyone interested:


Thanks. Unfortunately, I could not try to test the solution though only 2 hours went by till I returned here…
You are too fast! :rofl:


I can see why the observation went to Plants at first. That snake is pretty cryptic, though it’s obvious once you see it.

That happens rather often with observations when the observer does not provide an id. There are many more observations which I brought from plants via “life” to the appropriate kind of animal, often insects, sometimes birds, snakes and lizards are less common.

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