Searching for multiple counties at once?

I’m not sure if there’s not a way to do this, or if there is and I’m missing it.

Is it possible to search multiple counties at once in location, and if not is there a way to add it? It’d be a simple boolean function but typing in Cameron County, TX OR Hidalgo County, TX OR Willacy County, TX doesn’t seem to work. I have spent/do spend a lot of time near county conjuctions that don’t have defined place names–Potter/Randall/Oldham, Hutchinson/Moore, Dallas/Tarrant/Denton.

You can make a collection project limited to those particular counties.

You can also add it into the url
7113 is the code for Malawi, 7140 is the code for Namibia. This shows them both on the map.

If you click on explore, and search for the country/area. Look in the url at the top. You will see the ID number. Add a “,” then the next ID number for the 2nd place.


How to use iNaturalist’s Search URLs - wiki has the tip @Shauns gave and many other useful search tricks.


this may be a weird question, but how on earth do I get a list of what search ID’s equal what counties? We have 254 counties in my state. That doesn’t count NM, OK, or CO where I go regularly

If you do a search for each place in turn in identify then you’ll see the name of the place in the url. So if you search for “Cameron County, TX” you’ll get:

Hidalgo County, TX:

Note that the “Place” box will only show one of the places but it should search for observations in all the places in the url.
So both is:,1553

Is this the area you want covered?

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