Search on several locations (places)


My area of interest corresponds to several entities (places) in the database.
I discovered while tinkering that it was possible to make a query on several places by writing the URL in this way:,30208,30149

But this requires the IDs to be retrieved first, so it’s not very user-friendly.
Is there a method (and if not, would it be good to add this functionality) for accumulating search territories, in an ergonomic way and without having to search for the IDs manually?

Or is it desirable/possible to create places by grouping together other places ?

Thank you for your opinions/suggestions.

Sylvain M.

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if you know that you’re going to be searching within the same set of places often, i think there are two ways to approach this:

  1. save a URL that contains the places you’re interested in, and navigate directly to that URL.
  2. set up a collection project that includes your places, and filter by that project when you want to filter by that set of places.

more ways to tinker with the URL:


I haven’t explored the functionality of the projects yet, but I think I’ll find it useful! :+1:

Perfect, just what I needed to get started :smiley:


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