Seeing a quick total of 'View Yours' in a projects without having to open another tab

Web, Mobile.

Description of need:
Nothing big, just a small quality of life improvement.

Feature request details:
When viewing projects, I want to see a straightforward of our contributions under each of the other leaderboards without needing to select ‘View Yours’ and opening another tab. This would help others see a quick glance at the number of your IDs that fit within the project with the additional information being designated for the ‘View Yours’ button.

I made a quick mock-up, and I was thinking something like this. Hopefully this explains what I mean! (and created this correctly) :dizzy:



i don’t like the proposed change in layout. if you just wanted to see a quick count, i would just add an extra count in the existing View Yours button – ex. View Yours (4) – not create a separate line with your count.

Yes!! No matter how it is laid out (mine is just a conception to point out it is on the same page), I’m happy.

i was looking at sessilefielder’s Chrome Extension page today, and i remembered that it has functionality similar to what you’re asking for here. if you would be open to using a browser extension, then maybe if you asked for this functionality (or could code it yourself), then it could be added to that extension faster than the iNat devs would get around to updating the Project page?


I…I had not realised there were chrome extensions out there for iNat!! This certainly what I was looking for ty!

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Today he added another feature

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