Share observations on social networks


Is it possible to share observations on social networks in order to increase my chances of having an identified species?


Sure, nothing speaks against it. Just upload the photos there or give a link to your observation.


I often follow the same obs both here on iNat, and in fynbos groups on FB. Many eyes get to an ID sooner. From … last seen in 1814 … to an ID overnight yesterday.

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The only thing I would add before sharing things on social media is you might make sure your photos/media are licensed by Creative Commons license (which you should do anyway) and provide a link to the iNat record. That way when people take your image there won’t be copyright issues.


Yes! I am active on Twitter. There is a strong informal community of iNaturalist users there.

When posting a link to an iNat observation on Twitter, the first photo is shown. It’s cropped the way Twitter usually does, so a landscape (wider than tall) image works best as the first image for this. For example, I recently found pupae of a leaf miner in my garden. I tweeted the link to the iNaturalist observation for them.

I can’t think of an instance where my tweeting one of my observations led to its ID. But I will often look at iNaturalist observations I come across on Twitter, whenther I can help with ID or not.


I’m in a little fungal Twitter community, if it’s that kingdom of life, lemme know, I’ll boost your signal!
I’ve learned a fair few things so far from posting observations to social media.


OK. Thank you all for the help you have given me.

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