Sharing All My Observations w/Friends

Hi, all!

I have occasionally shared my observations link with friends but noticed recently when I happened to be logged out of iNaturalist that I could only see the first 200 or so of my 700+ observations and so realized that that is probably all anyone I am sharing my link with has been able to see.

Is there a way to share all my observations w/friends who are not registered/logged in?

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:!

(I did search the forum but found nothing specific to this.)

I assume you’re using hte iOS app? It only downloads and caches your 200 most recent observaitons when you log in.

You can always go to, log in, then click on Your Observations. That will show all of your observations.


Thanks, but I’m talking about links from the site.

And for others who don’t have an account, not myself.

Can you link the URL you are sharing with them that only shows 200 observations? Each observation page loads more when you scroll and/or has pagination to view all observations, eg

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How odd. It’s working fine now. Logged out, I can see all my obs.

Well, I guess I’ll watch if it occurs again.

Thanks for your help!

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