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I have started a nonprofit website for our community to share where to go to experience nature, history and wellness. The goal is to educate on the different programs available while experiencing the outdoors. I would like to feature INaturalist and Seek on the site with links to download and start projects, groups and observations. Do I need special permission to share the link to download and be a part of the INaturalist community?

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No, you can share any links you wish!


The only thing you need to watch for is the license when using individual observations and photos. Observation license info is displayed on the lower right side of the page (web interface):

Photo license is displayed at the bottom of each photo:

What the license abbreviations mean:


Although if you link to the observation, and don’t copy/paste the photo or otherwise take the photo out of its context, I don’t think the copyright abbreviations matter. It’s just like linking to any other copyrighted material - an article or a blog or whatever.

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