Should I report entries that are obviously intended as a joke or mobbing?

From time to time, entries appear that are obviously intended as a joke and show, for example, airplanes or people. But now I’ve come across a picture that shows a person and it gives me the impression of actual mobbing/bullying.

What is the best way to deal with this? Should I report such picture? Should I identify it as human? What about the people who identify it as different animals, and quite obviously intended as an insult?

Humans and human artifacts (like a plane) can be IDed as “Human”. No need for flagging.

If there’s a joke, intentionally incorrect, or insulting ID (whether it is on a Human observation or not) it can be flagged. It’s pretty quick for Curators to hide these. As a curator, my copypaste comment for this is:

@username Welcome to iNat. Please don’t make insulting, joke, or intentionally incorrect observation or IDs. These will be hidden. Accounts that continue to post this type of content may be suspended. Thanks.” customized as needed.

If the joke/insulting ID is on a human observation, I also add a “Human” ID. Depending on the picture and insult, curators might hide the picture as well.

If the user continues to post content like that after a clear warning, they can be suspended.


Thanks for the fast answer!


There’s also no reason to mark an observation of a human or human artifact as not wild. Just add your ID of human and don’t mess with the DQA.


Homo sapiens is already defaulted to Casual

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