Show all my observations, grouped by eg. family?

Currently, I can click on “Species” when displaying observations, and then get shown all taxa that exist for this group (whether it be species, genus, family, or other):

Suppose I want to see all the Anthozoa observations I made, but only show the families, not the individual species (or however exact the IDs are). If I use the Low+High Rank filter “Family”, it will only show me observations that were only determined to family, missing those that were determined down to genus or species.

So for example, I get 520 observations when displaying all my observations of Anthozoa with “Low Rank” = Species, but only 260 with Low+High Rank set to Family.

If that functionality doesn’t exist, would it make sense for more people than me to have it? It would really help me to get a better feeling for certain groups to be able to do this.


Have you tried your life list in taxonomic view? Maybe it doesn’t do exactly as you described but it is pretty neat. is that the right username for you? For some reason it changed from portioid when I went to the lists page


interesting, haven’t used the life list in ages :) thanks for the hint, but yeah, it doesn’t seem to be able to do what I need. I’m trying to get quick filters that remind me how the different groups look like and are called. I’m having short-time memory / concentration problems, so I can’t scroll or switch from one page to another and remember both in my head. I need everything right next to each other.

my username is portioid, I think the other thing is some pattern matching part of your mind playing games with you ;)

I’m guessing at some point you changed your user name from portiandroid to portioid, because I just looked up someone else whom I know for a fact changed their user name, and on their list page it is again showing two names, both the current name and the past name. Seems like a glitch.

Okay part of the problem is that I gave you the wrong link. Life lists have two different versions and I meant to send you the new one, but I accidentally put the old one. Here is the new version: although it still won’t do what you describe.

Why doesn’t the life list show images/observations of the selected taxa? In other words, if you select a taxon on the left, one intuitively expects those observations to display on the right.

EDIT! Oh…you have to click the numbers or binocular icon next to the names to display images. That’s pretty neat.


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