Show heatmaps of our observations and identifications on user profiles

Nice lil maps to include on user profiles would be heatmaps of our observations and identifications:

These are mine. Sorry for cropping out most of the world.
A dark map base might be better.

oh this is so cool. totally want this. gotta go delete a vote brb


This is indeed too cool! I wants, I wants!

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Thanks Cassi, that’d be cool!

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Oh yeah! I love this idea!

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How did you make these?

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My observations:
My identifications:
Everyone’s observations:

Some of the zoom levels render the heatmap strangely but others look nice.


I often look at profile and then users observations just to see where their usual haunts are, and this on the profile would be a neat way to see it!


This is a great idea but likely wouldn’t be implemented until we re-design the profile page. Will add it to ideas for that redesign, and am closing this topic.


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@bouteloua is there a key to the no. of observations needed to move to the next colour on these maps?

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That’s really cool.

Looking at mine there are quite a few observations that are missing though…