Show location accuracy in identification tool


I like using the identification tool, but I often find that I have to open up the full observation just to confirm the location accuracy of the observation. (If the accuracy is worse than the size of the map then the circle isn’t shown - so it becomes easy to miss.)

There has been many cases where observations with horrendous location accuracy gets identified to RG without anybody noticing the problem.

When I do notice the accuracy problem, then I have decent success (but not universal) if I post a comment asking the user to try to narrow down the location to the town / game park / camp they visited.

Add a field on the identification tool, near the map, that shows the location accuracy number.

Original request in the comments section of this discussion:


Geoprivacy, Obscuring, and Auto Obscure Discussion

good idea and it would be also nice to just filter those out altogether (or filter for them to make a request for them to be fixed)



Strongly support this (but run out of votes).

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This has been implemented so I’m going to close this topic.

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