Show observation quality grade on Identify cards

Currently, when on the identify page, you cannot see see what grade (Casual/Needs ID/Research Grade) an observation is without clicking on the observation. This is usually fine, as the default only shows Needs ID observations, but some identifiers (such as me) like to filter for multiple grades at once (such as Needs ID and Research Grade or Casual and Needs ID). It would be nice if users could see the observation grade before clicking on the observation - perhaps in the currently empty bottom left of the observation, to the left of the ID count?

I agree, although think it would most usefully be shown (or also shown) from the grid-view, before even clicking on obs. I also agree with how you’re calling obs. cards. I also view it this way, and had made a recent request for the cards to fade away and get replaced by new ones after being identified or reviewed (so that all of Identify could be done from one page).

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I don’t use Identify this way, so I’m curious how knowing the quality grade of an observation affects your decision making. I’m not saying it’s invalid, I’m just wondering how it would change the way you identify. If you’re filtering for both Needs ID and RG obs and you see that an obs is RG, does that mean you’d choose to not click on it?


Yes exactly. I like to filter to both so that I can see all observations, but I almost never (except for a few taxa) ID things that are already RG (unless it’s to correct an ID of course). So being able to see whether something is RG from just the card means I still get to see it, without having to waste time clicking on it to check if I need to add an ID


I was going at answer but thebeachcomber just said exactly what I would have.

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Me three. I would rather put my time and effort into helping move the unknown ID on.

(and, every time we add an ‘excess’ confirming ID, all the previous identifiers get notified - yes thank you, WE KNOW that is Zantedeschia aethiopica)

Yes! Me too! And displaying Needs ID and RG allows me to confirm the RG IDs at same time as giving IDs (this only works for species that are obvious–without having to zoom in)