Sick bird in yard

Sick bird, was sitting in my drive way with a tucked head, has closed a reddish eyes. Flys away when you try to grab it

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please google wildlife rescues in your area and start making calls


I tried that but I don’t have any in my area, and I tried calling the dnr. Do you have any idea what it may have?

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Posting these photos as an observation on iNaturalist itself will probably get it in front of more eyes than posting it here would.


Poor bird! You mentioned the eye was red - finches are prone to getting conjunctivitis (pink eye) which can be deadly to them. It is spread easily between birds at bird feeders, so if you have any feeders, you should take them down for a while and disinfect with bleach - there is some more information here:,bird%20can%20become%20completely%20blind.


Hi @kelsealg, I moved this back to the #nature-talk category since it’s not a discussion about iNaturalist itself. To upload observations to iNaturalist, you can download the app or head to

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