Sign up for newbie-experienced identifier team-ups!

It’s still kinda experimental, but I have enough experience with this kind of thing now that I’m comfortable with a larger audience. The trouble with that is for every person who signs up, the matching becomes more time-consuming. I’d need assistance with the logistics if this gets above, say, 40 people.

likewise, the project idea is cool, but I don’t think I’m doing that this time – I want to keep it bare bones / mini.

in any case, my health has not been great lately, so that’s also a factor in keeping it small. Unless we can get a logistics helper ;) ;) ;)


If you need assistance in match-making, just give me a shout.


very excited what will happen next :)

Hi… I have a question… While I would love to help as an identifier… I don’t really know… is there any way to pick a region? For example, I have a strong grasp on South American plants, but know basically nothing about European or Asian plants. Is there any way to be a little more selective, perhaps?


you can note in ‘‘other’’ that you want to focus on SA. I can’t guarantee it though.

matches so far:

eegordon + iosialectus
cadecampbell + swampass
kevinfaccenda + pirarucu
robotpie + abhijatshakya
machi + tz_nh
thomaseverest + trh_blue
clifton_albrecht +fluffyinca
phillinsw + sbushes
mtroutman1 + zdanko
** updates 12pm 19/11
felix-insects + maxbird1 (trading both ways! orchids for sarracenia, how cool is that!)
beetle_mch + lapplebaum

this leaves quite a few mentors seeking various newbies, especially for unknowns, inverts, and land plants. advanced offers include noctuid moths.

Ooo, orchids

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well that’s gone now :P
in a super cool coincidence, max wanted to learn Australian orchids and teach sarracenia, and felix wanted to learn sarracenia and teach Australian orchids.


@beetle_mch @marina_gorbunova @mamestraconfigurata (potential invert mentors)
we have three newbies who have more specific asks. if none of you can exactly match, maybe you can find a compromise? talk with each other in DMs ;)
@physics-freak aka odonut wants to learn odonates,
@DriftlessRoots wants to learn hymenoptera
@Elschongar wants to learn hymenoptera

and of course, anyone seeing this who wants to mentor this topic (or/and you can pick up a 2nd mentee), please let me know.

I’m still learning Odonata, but I’d be willing to give it a shot. Perhaps we can learn together!

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I’m afraid I am not that skilled at lower level identifications. I was imagining helping with learning Arthropod classes, Insect orders, more that level.


I am realizing now (and will implement next time) that some categories will have to be added:

  • pterygota - general / high rank
  • pterygota - specific taxon/group (check here AND specify below)
  • other land inverts
  • birds

and hopefully that would be better. but hey, it’s a learning process for me as well as for all of you.


With Hymenoptera at least in some areas I can help, but yeah, level matters.


Re: the two fungi mentors – what region are they in?

they both got paired up since I posted that image… I’m not sure how to make a post that reflects the current remaining mentors. 3 for inverts, 3 for land plants, 1 for birds I think. off the top of my head.

I signed up for vertebrates, but specifically I’d love help on birds. Thank you so much for the initiative!


@trh_blue I’d be glad to dive into pterygota if it’s easier to make a match.

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ok, new matches, sorry it’s not perfect but it’s the best I can manage for now.

odonut + mamestraconfigurata
melodi_96 + elschongar
luluincorsica + tz_nh
driftlessroots + beetle_mch

with that, we have:
2 mentors offering land plants
2 mentors offering unknowns.

I’ll update the top post at some point later today/tomorrow.

oh, and if @robotpie needs to back out or wants to work together with a 2nd mentor for their learner, @fluffyinca can be your 2nd.


notice: I will be closing off new sign-ups at some point on Tuesday to give myself time to prep


thanks for giving me chance, I will try my best :)

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