Workshop Friday and Saturday

Hello all!

I’m running my ID Workshop: Unknowns for Beginners tomorrow (Friday), and Saturday, both times at 7pm EST.

The first is on Zoom, and requires advance sign-up. I’ll be sending a message to those who have previously registered. If you want to be added to the waitlist, please send me a message on iNat but this particular one is limited to fifteen people. @lotteryd will be moderating.

The second is on the iNat Discord server, and is open to all! Follow this link to join! @arboretum_amy will be moderating that one, as well as the usual admins.

If you want to attend a workshop but won’t be able to make either of those, send me a message on iNat and I’ll send you a link to a sign-up form for the next round.
In initial sign-up, I think some people did not pay attention to time zones when noting their availability. Please note, all times are in EST (UTC -5).


There are still a few (four-ish) slots open for the Zoom session, which starts in two and a half hours.
Anyone who wants the slideshow (in advance or after) can see it here.


Second round tonight at 7pm EST (UTC-5)!
Use the link above to join in the iNat Discord server.
Last time it took about an hour, so I assume it will be roughly the same again.

Optional ID party afterwards (of Unknowns, of course)

Discord is free and making an account is easy, so if you don’t have one yet, you can download the software a few minutes ahead here.

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Despite my Discord app’s crashing and dying a few minutes before the workshop, I think it went well, and I had fun. Please check out the slideshow if you missed the presentation, and send me any questions you have :)

Next workshop will be ID Workshop: Somewhat More Advanced Unknowns and Life and it will be in a week or two, depending on how soon I can get it together. That one will likely be split into two parts so as not to be too long. TBD.

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