Simplify Taxon Changes search link

Right now, when you search the taxon changes page for certain changes on taxa or by certain curators, the URL adds every single parameter and sets them all to false. E.x. when I tried to search for changes added by me, this is the link that it created:✓&filters[split]=0&filters[merge]=0&filters[swap]=0&filters[stage]=0&filters[drop]=0&filters[change_group]=&filters[taxon_scheme_id]=&filters[committed]=&filters[iconic_taxon_id]=&filters[taxon_name]=&filters[taxon_id]=&filters[ancestor_taxon_name]=&filters[ancestor_taxon_id]=&filters[source_id]=&filters[user_id]=305683

This makes the searching take longer, as the site has to check each parameter rather than just seeing if the boxes are empty or not and then adding a parameter, or not.

Edit: For some reason Discourse is adding brackets to the link, those don’t show up when I paste it.

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Given that the result of the search is accurate based on your request, isn’t this a feature request, not a bug report ?

I guess? I’ll change it.

When I try to change it and click save, a popup comes up that says I can’t view the requested resource. Some bug with Discourse; a forum moderator will have to change the topic.