Site unresponsive atm - May 11th 2021

Or is it just a problem on my side?

No, same here - just busy spinning :(

It was just down for me too. Not just you. Look up “is it down for me or everyone” to tell next time! Seems to be back up now.
Edit: Down again :(
Edit: Slow loading now. I think we need to wait to get it 100% running!

It is not unresponsive here, but quite slow. Takes ages to load observations and sometimes doesn’t load them at all. Not sure if there are updates or patches being uploaded, or some kind of maintenance

Same here (Austria), very slow or unresponsive.

@richyfourtytwo May you put the date and time in the title? There are a lot of topics like this.


Strange, I actually searched for similar topics before posting, but couldn’t find any.

Yeah, I mean from other days. There are 2 topics(from today) but they were deleted.

Its also very slow here (south africa). Cant load observations…

Works again.

Welcome to the forums @per-hoffmann-olsen I hope you guys enjoy it here